Links to datasets of publications. Data are hosted on OSF.

Online data repositories

Data for “Lowered inter-stimulus discriminability hurts incremental contributions to learning” (Yoo et al., 2023).

Data for “Choice Type Impacts Human Reinforcement Learning” (Rmus et al., 2023).

Data for “Reinforcement Learning and Bayesian Inference Provide Complementary Models for the Unique Advantage of Adolescents in Stochastic Reversal” (Eckstein et al., 2022).

Data for “Impulsivity relates to multi-trial choice strategy in probabilistic reversal learning” (Zou et al., 2022).

Data for “The interpretation of computational model parameters depends on the context” (Eckstein et al., 2022).

RLWM task Data for “Event segmentation reveals working memory forgetting rate” (Jafarpour et al., 2022). This only contains the probabilistic RLWM task behavior data that was collected online.

Data for “Modeling Changes in Probabilistic Reinforcement Learning during Adolescence” (Xia et al., 2021).

Data for “Temporal and state abstractions for efficient learning, transfer, and composition in humans” (Xia and Collins, 2021).

Data for “Computational Evidence for Hierarchically-Structured Reinforcement Learning in Humans” (Eckstein and Collins, 2020).

Data for “Within and across-trial dynamics of human EEG reveal cooperative interplay between reinforcement learning and working memory” (Collins et al., 2018).

Data for “Working memory load strengthens reward prediction errors” (Collins et al., 2017).

Data for “Working memory contributions to reinforcement learning impairments in schizophrenia” (Collins et al., 2014).

Data for “How much of reinforcement learning is working memory, not reinforcement learning? A behavioral, computational and neurogenetic analysis” (Collins and Frank, 2012).

Data for “Negative symptoms and the failure to represent the expected reward value of actions: behavioral and computational modeling evidence” (Gold et al., 2012).